The screen grit chamber (SPK) is designed to eliminate any contaminants in the sewage that can be removed mechanically, through straining and sedimentation processes.

The main technical advantage of the design is the integration of the complete initial sewage treatment in just one device equipped with a worm screen with a shaftless spiral, integrated with a press for rakings, and a rakings wash system.

The screen grit chambers (SPK) are used primarily to separate mineral suspensions from organic suspensions. Mechanical and mineral contaminants are generally imputrescible; they have a higher sedimentation rate and are in the form of granules. These are made of gravel, sand, small stones, pits or ground coffee, and are removed from the sewage by the screen grit chamber.

The advantage of using screen grit chambers is in the protection of the sewage treatment devices from:

  • clogging of pipes
  • abrasion of mechanical elements of pumps
  • the accumulation of sand in aeration and fermentation chambers, which reduces their working capacit