The PTN troughed belt conveyor is designed for various industries, and used for carrying loose, dry or damp material, either as chunks or general material of small size and weight. It can also be used for transporting sludge and rakings in sewage treatment plants as a part of sludge treatment system.

The conveyor can be made of acid-resistant steel (OH 18N9) or carbon steel (ST3S).

The upper belt can be fitted with a cover for protection from atmospheric conditions. We build both movable (with rolling undercarriages) and stationary conveyors. The control system is designed to meet the individual needs of the client.

The PTP sill belt conveyor is used where the working angle of the device is high.

It is used for transporting processed materials by various industries and sewage treatment plants. The conveyor has a charging hopper; its size, shape and position depend on the position and requirements of the processing machines. The sill belt carries the material from the charging hopper. The discharge chute is located in the lower part of the conveyor housing.

We offer PTP sill conveyors of lengths 2 to 20 meters, sill belt widths 400 to 600 mm and a maximum inclination angle of 35 degrees