Chamber filter-presses are designed to filter various sludge types, separating the solid part of the sludge from the liquid. The devices perform extremely well in the food processing, sugar, dye, pharmaceutical, coal, metallurgic, fish and fruit processing and galvanizing industries, as well as in sewage treatment plants.

Our experience in the construction of chamber filter-presses and the filtration systems we use, allows the achievement of the highest levels of sludge dehydration, which (depending on the sludge type) is 30% of dry mass in communal plants and up to 80% in industrial plants.

We select the most appropriate press type for the client following an initial filtration run using a test press to establish the required performance, filtration enhancing fabrics and chemicals (polyelectrolytes). The automation of the press and any additional equipment is determined by the client’s needs.

Our control system provides ease of operation and reliability. It can be used for controlling one press or a series of presses, with full synchronization of all units.

The application of chamber filter-presses is especially important in the dehydration of hazardous sludges, a significant expense for their producers. Reducing the sewage mass several times greatly decreases the costs related to the business activity.